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Rules and Regulations

This is pick up hockey, gentlemen's rules. No slapshots if any players are in the way. Goalies don't mind as long as they aren't around the head. Face protection is encouraged. We have had a close call. Don't go to the Tartan or the Monfort if you sustain an eye injury. If it would be called a penalty in a real game, don't do it. If he's gone, let him go. If the puck hits the upper mesh in the end zone, just keep playing. Go to the website and declare your status as soon as you see the email. Check your email. Someone write this down and mail it to Terry. If Stoltzies shooting, don't dance like a little girl and he won't hit you in the ankles. Don't run the score up on Bruce. Do find out the secret to Blazer's pre game ritual. Go to the Tartan for a beer after the game, at least occasionally, it's the best part of the night. Orleans Vet provides no guarantees and assumes no responsibility for injuries sutured on their premises. That's why face protection is encouraged. Have fun, it's way better than jogging.
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